Here lies something that I wished to do for so long, a small repository of all the projects I started working on. Most of my projects are unreleased, lost somewhere on some old disks or on some remote machines.

I'll try to fetch, clean and publish some of them. Here is a list of some meaningful projects I released or am planning to release somewhat soon…


HTML5 HTML5 Canvas SVG JavaScript C

Loopy is a logic puzzle whose goal is to draw a single loop satisfying all the clues.

I spent a few months working on it. The web version is completed, but will only be released together with the mobile and standalone versions, which are currently under developement.

Do you have a password for the beta?

You don't have it? Too bad.

Oh, come on! I feel merciful today. Just ask for it!


node.js JavaScript

Hyper:build is a tool that makes it simple to postprocess some HTML pages.

I wrote it to develop this website: the site is split up in a few template pages (one for the main page, one for the sidebar) and a few content pages. Hyper:build takes care to merge everything together, to generate the Ajax pages, the data attributes to load them, and the navbar and sidebar.

It also offers some client side scripts to handle the Ajax requests.

I'm currently cleaning it up and going to release it on github and npm.


MPI C C++ bash

A project I developed during my master's together with Fabio Luporini and Nicola Desogus for a course about parallel and distributed systems.

It consists of a framework to develop parallel/distributed sorting algorithm (using MPI), a few algorithms and a study of the results we obtained. The data we worked on was a few hundred-millions randomly generated integer values. The main language we used was C (for the framework and some sorting algorithms), together with some C++ (for some other algorithms) and bash (for some scripts to automatize the testing process).

CL ray tracer

OpenGL C++ OpenCL

CLraytracer is a simple real-time ray-tracer Yuri Iozzelli and I developed.

It’s nothing special, just our exploration into these technologies.